Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Living in the Ghetto

As a preface, I've just moved into a small three bedroom, two bath house in Kerteh, Kemaman which is located in Terengganu, Malaysia. I'm supposedly going to live in the house for the next 7-10 months. I moved in on Tuesday and theoretically some of these issues will be taken care of at some point (A big "inshallah")...

10. There is no air-conditioning.
9. There is no separation between the toilet and the shower. And my sink doesn’t have a drain pipe so the water just drains onto the floor.
8. There are no windows that can be shut and I have no curtains (i.e. no privacy).
7. When there are only ants crawling on the walls, it’s a good day.
6. Random cats decide to jump in through my broken windows.
5. All fans must be run on high to reduce the number of mosquitoes in my house.
4. Insects bite me all day.
3. Insects bite me all night.
2. The upstairs water system overflows and leaves the house all wet and leaves me without water.
1. The house I’m living in was abandoned for a year before I moved in.


OmrFMrz said...

are you ok?

Anonymous said...

well sir, i don't know, but it occurs to me that errr, i shouldn't have told you that leka just found your blog. *grin

PS: tsk tsk, don't privatize your blog. BIG LOL.

MCMKA said...

how i long to sleep a night without waking up to bugs crawling on me. : ) good luck!