Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Hello all. In this publishing I intend to describe a few books that you should read.

The first series of books that you need to read is the Dune series. So far there has been 12 books in this series. 6 of the books were written by Frank Herbert. 6 of the books have been written by his son Brian Herbert and Frank Anderson. There are also 3 short stories written by Brian Herbert and Frank Anderson. These books have to be the greatest series of science fiction novels ever written. Although his father was a better writer than Brian, he was still able to capture the essence of the Dune series. This series of books deals with the complex interplay of religion, politics, economics, society, and science to create a wonderful universe of thought and fiction. These books create an entire universe which spans millenia, and are fun and easy to read. These books are a must read, and I recomend them to everyone.

Another book is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. This world describes a place where everyone is in there own nook dependent on there genetics. Each nook of people are happy with there circumstances and hence it is supposed to be a eutopia. There is free love and various indulgences into anything that anyone fancies. The book, while meaning to be a depiction of a eutopia, is actually a critique of such an idea. It is a book which shows the flaws in humankind, as well as the way people are easily indoctrinated. A great book and a must read.

Well, I may write about some other books some other time. Until then, this is a good baisis from which you should take whatever you please.