Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 20 Articles of 2008

This is my subjective list of the Top 20 Articles of 2008

1. A Shattering Moment in America's Fall From Power, The Guardian/UK, John Gray, 9-28-08

2. The New Humanitarian Order, The Nation, Mahmood Mamdani, 9-10-08

3. Confronting the Terrorist Within, TruthDig, Chris Hedges, 12-1-08

4. Is Google Making Us Stupid?, The Atlantic Magazine, Nicholas Carr, July/August 2008

5. The Gospel of Consumption, Orion Magazine, Jeffery Kaplan, 5-3-08

6. Gaza: The Logic of Colonial Power, The Guardian/UK, Nir Rosen, 12-29-08

7. Looking Up: Normalizing Air War From Guernica to Arab Jabour,, Tom Engelhardt, 1-30-08

8. Capitalism in an Apocalyptic Mood, Foreign Policy in Focus, Walden Bello, 2-21-08

9. Going Bankrupt,, Chalmers Johnson, 1-23-08

10. The Great Silence,, Steve Fraser, 4-23-08

11. What’s Your Consumption Factor?, The New York Times, Jared Diamond, 1-2-08

12. Mission Creep: America's Unwelcome Advance, MotherJones, Chalmers Johnson, 8-22-08

13. The Best and the Brightest Led America Off a Cliff, Truthdig, Chris Hedges, 12-8-08

14. Our Infantile Search for Heroic Leaders, The Independent/UK, Johann Hari, 6-26-08

15. Empire or Humanity,, Howard Zinn, 4-2-08

16. Why Bananas Are a Parable of Our Times, The Independent/UK, Johann Hari, 5-22-08

17. Is the Web helping us evolve?,, David Brin, 12-23-08

18. Is Water Becoming 'The New Oil'?, The Christian Science Moniter, Marc Clayton, 5-30-08

19. Still No Peace, Foreign Policy in Focus, Stephen Zunes, 1-16-08

20. The Lessons of Violence,, Chris Hedges, 1-21-08

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