Thursday, March 20, 2008

Top 20 Articles of 2007

This is my subjective list of the Top 20 Articles of 2007:

1 Terrorized by ‘War on Terror’, Washington Post, Zbigniew Brzezinski, 3-25-07

2 Discovering What Democracy Means,, Bill Moyers, 2-12-07

3 Pearls Before Breakfast, Washington Post, Gene Weingarten, 4-8-07

4 Why We Must Leave Iraq, The Nation, A Nation Editorial, 9-7-07

5 Why We’re Losing the War on Terror, The Nation, David Cole & Jules Lobel, 9-24-07

6 The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush, Vanity Fair, Joseph Stiglitz, December 2007

7 Is Imperial Liquidation Possible for America?,, Chalmers Johnson, 5-16-07

8 Calling Out Idiot America,, Scott Ritter, 3-24-07

9 Bush’s SOTU: Annotated, Foreign Policy in Focus, Stephen Zunes, 1-24-07

10 Broken Peace Process, Foreign Policy in Focus, Stephen Zunes, 11-27-07

11 Base America, Islamica Magazine-Issue 19, Ranna Kabanni, 2007

12 Oil, Israel, and America: The Root Cause of the Crisis, the Britannica Blog, Scott Ritter, 10-9-07

13 A Declaration of Independence from Israel,, Chris Hedges, 7-2-07

14 The Politics of Naming: Genocide, Civil War, Insurgency, London Review of Books, Mahmood Mamdani, 3-8-07

15 Iraq, Israel, Iran, Huffington Post, David Bromwich, 9-5-07

16 “Enduring” US Bases in Iraq,, Joseph Gerson, 3-19-07

17 There is Apartheid in Israel, Arab News, Shulamit Aloni, 2-12-07

18 Civics 101: USA v. Al Arian,, Russell Mokhiber, 12-3-07

19 Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes or Less,, Robert Jensen, 4-30-07

20 What if Iran Had Invaded Mexico?,, Noam Chomsky, 4-6-07

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